A Message of hope to all humanity during this COVID19 situation drawn from the experience of the Myrrh-bearing Women – Rev. Fr. Mutokya Joseph.

“I know we are faced with many big stones (challenges) to roll, the COVID19 pandemic being the immediate currently, it is important we remain faithfully resilient and focused like the Myrrh-bearing women”

Rev. Fr. Mutokya Joseph, a priest from St. Luke Orthodox Parish in Kabonge – Luweero District, in his post on social media had the following message of hope to humanity during these trying times of the COVID19 Pandemic in reflection to the biblical view of the Myrrh- Bearing Women.

Christ is risen, brothers and sisters. I know all humanity is at crossroads. But reading (Mark 16) this morning, a message came. A message of hope. A living hope drawn from the “Myrrh-bearing Women” through whose honor the Orthodox fraternity glorifies God this week. At dawn, on the first day of the week, they rushed to deliver the myrrh to the Life-Giver who, to them at the time, lay in the tomb. Apparently, it wasn’t the first time, being a custom of the time, and Christ having been buried on Friday. But, surprisingly to us, this particular time they went worrying about “who would roll the stone for them” (Mark 16:3). We have done the same, trying to look at what the Super-powers think. And you know what, God chose to first humble them. Interesting, here, is the fact that the women didn’t give up. They continued heading forward, neither of them even advising to go back and, maybe, ask for the male apostles (who could possibly have played the superpowers’ role for them) to join them and roll the stone. They steadfastly continued, and in haste. And when they looked at the tomb, the stone had been rolled. God had done it. He was even already out and had renewed life. More honor to them, they got the chance to be the first witness to the life-giving resurrection of our Lord.

Icon of the Myrrh bearing women

Brethren, I know we are faced with many big stones to roll, COVID just being the biggest and immediate one for now. But it is important we remain faithfully resilient and focused. Like the Myrrh-bearing women, COVID has demonstrated to us that we are all too weak to roll away the challenges ahead of us. But the Divine way demands that we continue taking the “fragrant spices” (the effort and best skills), and resiliently move forward. It is only those who will not turn back that will eventually realize the true resurrection in their lives. For, all the stones (challenges), small to the biggest will, at some time appropriate to God, be rolled away. So, it is resilience and hope, in God, that we need most at this time. This will be demonstrated by not losing hope and so keep trying and going. Stick to the facts and use them efficiently, for God will surely guarantee us life, if we are faithfully resilient, and post-COVID will be different, like the Post-Resurrection turned out for the Myrrh-bearing women.

May the risen Christ, our Lord extends His mercy to His people as we lay our trust in His unfailing hand.

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