Appointment of Bishop Elect Silvestros Kisitu of the Bishopric of Gulu and Eastern Uganda

On the 26th. November 2018, the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa headed by His Beatitude Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria THEODORS II, passed and announced the elevation of Rev. Fr. Archimandrite Silvestros Kisitu to the rank of Bishop. Upon his elevation, He was unanimously elected to head the newly formulated BISHOPRIC OF GULU AND EASTERN UGANDA. May the Name of Our Lord be glorified!

This tremendous announcements now confirms the instantiation of two Orthodox religious heads in the spiritual guidance of the Orthodox Church in Uganda; His Eminence Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga and His Grace Bishop Elect Silvestros kisitu of the Bishopric of Gulu and Eastern Uganda.

Since the year 1972 when the Greek Orthodox patriarchate of Alexandria granted Uganda its first African Bishop; Ssebanja Mukasa Spartas followed by Bishop Theodoros Nankyama (1995- 1997) and the current Metropolitan Elder Jonah Lwnaga (1997 – To date), the Orthodox Community has been organised into one Holy Metropolis of Kampala and All Uganda. But as a result of the continuous spiritual and physical growth of the Church in Uganda, It was inevitable to sub-divide it into two.

This is an instrumental point in the history and future of Orthodoxy in Uganda and we pray for the manifestation of the Holy Trinity into the Orthodox Mission in Uganda.


8 thoughts on “Appointment of Bishop Elect Silvestros Kisitu of the Bishopric of Gulu and Eastern Uganda”

  1. May God bless the new dimensions, new growths. The major task ahead is mending the broken wall. Christ Jesus must take away our human weaknesses and give us universal love. Lets stay away from logic, tactical expressions yet action is country.

  2. We pray for the maximum united among the Ugandan orthodox christians for spiritual growth. May the Almighty God bless Our two Bishops.

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