Archimandrite Nectarios Kabuye appointed Bishop-Elect of Holy Diocese of Gulu and Northern Uganda.

Today 12th January 2022, during the closing day of the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Alexandria chaired by Pope and Patriarch Theodoros II, Rev. Fr.  Archimandrite Nectarios Kabuye was appointed Bishop-Elect of the New Holy Diocese of Gulu and Northern Uganda.

Archimandrite Nectarios is a native son of Uganda who attained elementary education in Uganda and later went to Athens, Greece for theological and university level education which after he was ordained to priesthood as a celibate priest. In October 2021 during the Patriarchal visit to Uganda, Fr. Nectarios was elevated to the rank of an Archimandrite by His Beatitude Theodoros II.

Fr. Nectarios being elevated to the rank of Archimandrite by Pope Theodoros II

He was appointed Bishop after the creation of two independent bishoprics from the existing Holy Diocese of Gulu and Eastern Uganda by the Holy Synod.

We wish you the blessings of our Lord ahead of your service in His vineyard.


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