BREAKING NEWS: St. Nicholas Cathedral Namungoona and other Orthodox Parishes closed for worship due to COVID19

His Eminence Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga has today passed on a directive to close some Orthodox parishes for a period of two weeks (14 days) starting tomorrow December 23, 2020.

Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga during a COVID19 sensitization workshop

This comes immediately after the abrupt Repose of the Dean of Central Region of the Metropolis Rev. Fr. Ssekyewa Emmanuel due to the COVID19 and some other clergy being diagnosed Positive of the Virus and undergoing medical supervision.

The parishes that have been listed for closure have been identified as centers that have been in direct contact with the clergy that are currently hospitalized due to the Virus and the deceased hence this move is triggered towards safeguarding the lives of the faithful. These centers include;

St. Nicholas Cathedral

His Eminence strongly urged all the Orthodox faithful and the entire nation to be so mindful of how they conduct their day to activities during this period of the pandemic and to follow all the medical guidelines enacted in place to combat the virus.

Communication office, UOC, Metropolis of Kampala

6 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: St. Nicholas Cathedral Namungoona and other Orthodox Parishes closed for worship due to COVID19”

  1. It is so important right now as the bishop as said to be so mindful of the people we conduct with in our daily lives

  2. May God grant us the wisdom to trust and obey the directive of our dear Father of Fathers.
    We pray also for the steady recovery of the sick.
    In your Rest oh God, rest your servant Fr Emmanuel in a place without sorrow or suffering.
    Forgive us Lord where we have disobeyed and fallen into sin.
    Preserve us Almighty God, for we are your servants.

  3. Thank your Eminence for that decision, temporarily closure of affected Parishes. Also think, there should be an immediate Contact Tressing an Testing to arrest the potential dangerous situation and save the faithful.

    God Bless

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