CALL OF THE FIRST DISCIPLES – Sermon on the First Sunday of Luke


We are through the major days of learning about the precious Cross in a special way. After these days, we usually come out of the lesson of Evangelist Matthew, and enter into the lessons of Evangelist Luke. Therefore, today we have entered into the specific period of Evangelist Luke’s teaching (gospel). The lessons on Sunday from Evangelist Matthew are approximately 17. From Luke are 15. And from John are only 7.

Evangelist Mark does not hold specific period of continuous lessons. The lessons from Mark are complementary in all the three seasons, of John, Matthew and Luke. Also, it should be noted that, all the lessons are not for Lord’s Sunday only, at the worshiping gatherings. Everyday of the week has a special lesson, we are supposed to learn at our homes. The great (12) feasts and all the commemorations of events and saints have their particular appointed passages.

Today, the lesson is similar to that which we did on the 10th Lord’s Sunday from Evangelist Matthew; the lesson related to the election of the first disciples, by Jesus Christ at the sea of Galilee. Compare the gospel of today with Mt 4:18-23. Mk 1:16-20. Jn 1:35-42. Therefore, this lesson is like a repetition or review of what we had gone through previously, as regards the Good News of the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth.

Both the passages, that from Matthew, and of today from Luke, are narrating to us the same message: “Call of the first disciples”. But they are not identical in their expressions. In this passage from Evangelist Luke, Jesus Christ called the first disciples around the lake of Gennesaret (Galilee), after teaching people, while seated in the boat which belonged to Simon (Peter) son of Jonah.

There occurred also a miracle made, of gathering fish in plenty under the command of Christ the Lord. Lk 5:2, 4, 10. But the passage from Matthew does not give us these details. While the passage from Mark is identical to that of Matthew. The detail of John’s passage (1:35-42) are exceptionally useful for a clear understanding of the topic: “The call of the first disciples” for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Apostle Paul relies upon nature of God’s kingdom to give the spiritual guidance to the Corinthians or Christians, for the solution of their interpersonal and social differences. Do we practice the life of God’s Kingdom?

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