This ministry comprises of the young generation that makes up the church. Most of these children do come together mostly on Sundays at the different parishes that comprise the church through Sunday school programs. In these programs they are taught the basics of the church such as the sign of the cross, apostles’ creed and all other different prayers an orthodox Christian should know. Besides the teachings of the church, they are taught the general behavioral characters that a Christian should portray in the society and this is always linked to the biblical teaches of our Lord Jesus Christ.There are a lot of challenges faced by the Children Ministries that involve the following;

  • Inadequate educational materials such as Books, Icons and others
  • Lack of media equipment that can be used to demonstrate to the kids
  • Lack of enough training to the teachers simply because most of them just volunteer out of love for the kids to teach them.
  • Lack of funding to facilitate the various activities of the children’s programs and so many others.

There are some parishes that have a lot of children but lack these Sunday school services!!!!!!

“The children are the Church of tomorrow”

St. Nicholas Church Sunday school in Pictures.

Video of Sunday school class singing.

More Pictorial from different parishes will be updated!!!!