Christmas Message (2018) By His Eminence Metropolitan Jonah

Beloved brethren
Dear listeners / Viewers,

Christ the Word of God the Father is born from the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary! Mt 1:20, 21. Lk 2:6,7. For the salvation of human race with all creation, from the destruction of sins. Ac 4:12. 1 Th 5:9. This fact, of incarnation of the Word of God for the economy (dispensation) of the whole creation, is the first perspective of the gospel in the New Testament. But the entire gospel, in its completion, is fulfilled by the good news of resurrection of the Son of Man. Ro 1: 3,4. Therefore, the incarnation of the Word in Jesus Christ, Jn 1:14, 29, the removal of destructive sin, 1 Cor 15: 26, and the defeat of death in the glory of resurrection, is the complete gospel towards all people, for the harmony of all creatures, Uganda not being exempted. 2 Cor 6:16.

Since we are creature of God, supposed to live by performing His will, the situation we desire or search as moral persons, and the situation we would like all of us to reach on, it is not besides of the work of Christ the Word, but within itself. What is that work? That work is of building the kingdom of God in the souls of men and in the whole world, in their life and civilization. For that is the chief will of God the Father, by which we live as moral persons. Mt 4:16, 17. Mk 1:14, 15. Lk 4:16-19. In Christ Jesus, as the Word of God, all creatures were made, and through Him all things made by men are understood and realized for establishment. Jn 1: 3-5. Col 1:15-17. And the same is the situation we seek all of us to live with, the situation of the will of God the Father, to make man in His image. Gn 1:26.

From this perspective, if it is true that, the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ has as purpose to integrate our life and culture with the Kingdom of God the Father, as His chief will is in all the divine Scriptures, then it becomes clear that, here in Africa and especially here in Uganda, we live still in thick darkness with our Christianity. Jn 1:4-5. Because, this truth is not yet recognized by most of the people, not only on the lower level, but also on the highest level. That is the reason why, all our politics, businesses, economy, associations and education systems contradict themselves and are in rivalry to each other. All these cannot be rectified without the Word of God the creative, the king of our life and civilization. Col 1:19-20. This problem brought Jesus Christ, as Son of Man, Dan 7:13. Mt 12:8, to establish the foundation of men who live as image and likeness of God, men who participate in the internal Kingdom of God.

Therefore brethren, during this Christmas, let us seek the situation of an appropriate joy from the incarnation of the Word Son of God the Father. Such is the joy of finding, recognition and living the salvation that brought by Jesus Christ on earth, in its complete form, but not in its least piece. Because, even if it is so good to receive salvation individually, myself to become a savedee for myself, and you as yourself for yourself, that is not the only purpose of the birth of the Word as Son of Man in the person of Jesus Christ. To clear out completely the sins and evils from the world Jn 1:29, to combat against Satan the evil-one with all his works that distort the will of God Jn 8:41,44, Gn 3:5; to trample on death Is 25:8,9; 2 Tim 1:10; and to wear immortality by dressing in the nature of Christ Jesus and the Holy spirit; Ro 2:7. 1 Cor 15:53,54; as well as to rectify the development and civilization of mankind in the world (may not cause the destruction of creation); Ro 8:20-23. Col 1:19-23; all this is salvation brought by the Word Son of God towards the people. All these parts of salvation, when are not considered by us, and we remain only on the praise of our individual salvation, then we exist having not understood the gospel of incarnation of the Son of God, and we live not fully this gospel, except that minimum part, which can not cause any change in the world.

As we conclude this message, we wish His Excellence, the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his family, His Excellence, the Vice President, Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, the Judiciary, the Ministers, the Members of Parliament; His Highness the Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, Nabagereka Sylivia Nnaginda, Cultural leaders, Leaders of Faith and all Ugandans, the incarnation  of the Word of God in our Lord Jesus Christ, that is to say, His Nativity as the righteous Son of Man for the salvation of human race and all creation from destruction; may be a Feast that enables us all the Christian believers to celebrate joyfully, understanding fully even the cause that made the Word of God to appear on earth. Amen.


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