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In the quest to meet with the technological advancements in promoting awareness, accessibility , delivery and spreading of the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and Orthodoxy in general to the world, the Uganda Orthodox Church, Holy Metropolis of Kampala and All Uganda found it inevitable to embrace and adapt to the phenomenon of Information Communication Technology.

The Orthodox Church in Uganda has existed for more than 80 years since it’s germination as per the will of the Creator of all things visible and invisible between the years 1919 – 1929 ( Due to the fact that it has survived through immense difficulties, the development and awareness of most of its institutions and departments has not been so profound. In the mildest of the year 2016, with the blessings of H.E Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga, the first ever official online portal (Website) was initiated with the help of Mr. Ssengendo James who volunteered passionately and wholeheartedly to see that the implementation and maintenance of the platform’s continuity comes to a realization. The inception of the web platform gave birth to the creation of other social media platforms to further capitalize on the process of promoting Orthodoxy in Uganda and the world at large.

Since the implementation of the different platforms, there are notifiable achievements that have been attained in short period of approximately 1 year and 5 months. Some of which include;
– Serving the spiritual desires of the Orthodoxy yearning Christians. This has been made possible through the different publications free for access on website, different biblical readings publications on media platforms and the sermons on YouTube.
– Created a centralized point of reference of all the different Orthodox centers, institutions, projects and all activities undertaken by the Church.

Future Prospects.
In the effort of Orthodox Mission and Evangelism in Uganda, the continuous Involvement of Technological ideologies will play a notifiable impact.
In this case, prompt publication of events, activities and coverage of the proceedings of the Orthodox Church on the different platforms present will have an enormous longtime impact on the entire structure of the Orthodox Church Mission in Uganda.
In order to attain such prospects, economic support is needed to acquire technological equipment so as to capitalize on media work. At the moment we are missing even the very vital equipment to use in our work. That’s why we call on your support in this endeavor so as to acquire the required gadgets .

List of required Equipment

1 An I pad / A Smart Phone (Standard Specifications)
2 Mobile Internet access Gadget (Internet Mifi )
3 Video Camera
4 A Camera stand
5 A Laptop computer to do different graphics and editing of the media.
“May God reward all your endeavors towards this call to His work”

Prepared by;
Ssengendo James
ICT Administrator
Uganda Orthodox Church
Email: ,
Tel: +256775424300

Consider supporting the department by contacting  the ICT Administrator or,
Holy Metropolis contact details
TEL: +256 414 542461


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