The Holy Metropolis of Kampala and all Uganda is a home of ministry. Its ministries and departments develop programs, materials and various projects designed to elevate Orthodoxy in Uganda as well as improve the livelihood of Orthodox Christians in their respective spiritual journeys. Due to the fact that the Holy Metropolis covers a wide radius of the entire country, Monetary donations help further the vital ministry work of advancing and developing our Orthodox Christians’ faith as well as support the administrative work of the Church in Uganda. The Orthodox Mission in Uganda accepts donations in all kinds provided they have a commendable impact on the betterment of the mission in Uganda.


The Holy Metropolis has a wide range of programs and institutions that provide basic necessities to the Orthodox communities such as medication, education programs, agriculture and so many others. With such programs, the Metropolis appreciates other donations such as computers, medical equipment and medication drugs, vehicles, books and any other donation in kind that could impact the development and administration of the Church for the glory of God.If you have any donations to make please contact the Holy Metropolis through the following;


Uganda Orthodox Church Center Namungoona, 6kms Hoima Road.

TEL: +256 414 542461 (Office line)

Donation Email:

Note: PayPal online donation services coming soon.