Dormition of Theotokos Orthodox Church – Katente.

This parish is found in Mukono District, Nakifuma sub-county, Katente village. It was started in 1932 and it’s among the oldest places of orthodox churches, and it was started by Late Yonasan Luganda and his wife Elios Luganda. Late Fr. Seryazi Nicholas and Bishop Spartas Ssebanja Mukasa. In 1972-86 late Fr. Gasoodo Andonios and late Fr. Mulunga Emmanuel served that place and in 1986-1999 there was pastoral fathers like; late Fr. Nsubuga Basilios, late Fr Ssemakula Constantine. Later in 1999-2005 Fr. Mbalire Emmanuel also served this place and Fr. Edotu came after him in 2006 until when Fr. Ssekyewa Emmanuel took over in 2007 up to date.