Easter Message From His Grace Bishop Silvester of Jinja and Eastern Uganda

Bishop Silvester Easter Message
His Grace Bishop Silvester Kisitu of the Holy Diocese of Jinja and Eastern Uganda

Beloved children in the Lord God.

Christ Is Rsien!

Christos Anesti!

Kristo Azuukidde!

I greet you with this traditional ecclesiastical phrase which expresses the inexpressible world event ever, i.e., the transcendent triumph of our Lord Jesus Christ over sin and death. The resurrection of Christ marks the beginning of a new phase (fundamental change) in the history of mankind where by the powers of the hades are destroyed and man is regenerated and according to St. Paul, he becomes a new creature.

However, even though His resurrection fully reveals the immeasurable love of God for man by keeping His promises He made to the people of Israel, especially through Abraham and Moses; man has taken it for granted by misusing this freedom.

Today, the world has developed the ideology of humanism which encourages one to decide or act freely in his daily life, a situation that has resulted into relying on distorted truths and freedom with its numerous consequences one of which is the vice of homosexuality.

We thank God there is still some integrity among people which springs from God’s image in which man was created as well as His knowledge from the gospels. The original plan for a person is clear that God created man and woman and blessed the mystery of marriage for both so that in unity and happiness provided by God, they may praise and serve Him thus strengthening the family bond for the solidarity of the society.

Therefore, other forms of marital existence are foreign according to the teaching of the Church, traditions, as well as human nature and there are indeed controlled by the power of sin.

We thank God that here in Uganda our people continue to leave a Godly life and are not supportive of such ungodly, immoral, and unnatural behaviors in spite of the pressure from those trying to impose such evils into our societies.

In these circumstances, we pray for those that have been controlled by sin to be guided and come back to God, to normality as expected of a person / human being.

As we pray for all people, we must encourage them to repent and come back to God by denying inhuman behaviors and habits and then be able to resurrect together with Christ as a “new people” in Christ Jesus; the citizens of the kingdom of Heaven, living peacefully in the world together with other people as one godly family.


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