The Ekklesia once again on closure due to the deadly second wave of COVID19 Pandemic.

During the 6th June 2021 recent presidential address on the status of COVID19 pandemic resurgence, a total lockdown was imposed with strict measures after the ministry of health finally confirmed the intensity of the second wave of the Corona Virus.

The president imposed a total ban and closure on a number of sectors proven to be prone to exposure of spreading of the virus in which the centers of Worship fell prey. Communal prayers in Churches or in Stadia and other open-air venues were put on suspension for 42 days and encourage adoption to online prayers.

With this kind of impact, it leaves the mother church in jeopardy due to the absence of enough online media centers that can be used to have the faithful virtually fully involved in the Holy Mysteries which they can access online. Currently, Facebook online broadcast and pictorials on Twitter and Instagram are the online available platforms that were established in 2016.

The Church in a number of scenarios has called for potential and willing persons to support the Mission in ensuring that Technology is fully incorporated in our Mission to ably feet in the technological error of evangelism.

Uganda’s Greek Orthodox Church Asks for Urgent Donations to Livestream Services – Greek Reporter

Publication by International Association of Digital Media and Orthodox Pastoral Care

Call by the Ekklesia

The Ekklesia continues to call for support towards the online ministry of the Church to acquire necessary gadgets and human resources to continue broadcasting the Holy Mysteries and further establish permanent media houses (Radio Station and Television) as elaborated in the 2017 Digital Media Grant Proposal.

For support and donations towards the Digital Media Department contact: (Metropolis Mail) (Head ICT & Digital Media)

WhatsApp +256701283977

Keep our Mission in Prayer and Kindly follow SOPs to avoid contraction of this deadly pandemic.

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