Jesus Christ after His Resurrection, Thomas Sunday, the 2nd after Resurrection – Sermon by Metropolitan Jonah

Readings: Epistle: Acts 5:12 – 20           Gospel:   John 20:19 – 31

The major celebrated saint of the day is apostle Thomas. On this day, are blessed all those who believe in Christ, as Lord and God, without seeing Him in body, but only in spirit. Jn 20:29.

There exist a number of books which describe in details, what took place before and after the crucifixion and burial of Jesus Christ, by Nicodemus and Joseph from Arimathea. (See, Ante-Nicene Fathers Vol XIII pp 349 – 672 “Apocrypha of the New Testament”)

After the Resurrection from the dead, Christ the Lord did himself the work of gathering the Disciples, who had feared the Lord’s crucifixion and had scattered. Mt 26:31,32. Mk 14:27,28.

Again, through the locked doors, Christ came into the midst of the Disciples, purposely to strengthen the weak faith of Thomas the Twin. Jn 14:5.

Peace be with you! He blessed them all. (We say this repeatedly in the Divine Liturgy!). As the Father sent me, so I send you! Receive the Holy spirit. Go in the world and tell the people about “the eternal life”. Thomas, stop doubting and believe!

From the Acts, the passage of today is briefing us about the situation in persecution of the first believing group (lay people and apostles) around the temple, at Jerusalem. But the persecution, towards the mission of Christ the Lord in the world, is still continuing, undertaken by various contradictory powers. 

Listen to the Sermon in English by Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga on YouTube below!

Sermon in Luganda, You can listen to it below!!

May God Bless you all and stay safe during this COVID19 Pandemic.

Christ Is Risen!! Truly, He is Risen!!

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