The message of Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga to the Youth during the recently concluded Youth Camp at Holy Resurrection Cathedral Jinja from 10-15 December 2019

Youth Doing community Service in the City Center of Jinja where the Camp was hosted.

Organizers and all participants!

We cannot remain not filled by holy joy, when we see you again as youth, having succeeded to camp in the Jinja City of Eastern Uganda. You are all welcome in the name of God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! Amen.

We think that this time, your preparation has been more remarkable than the previous rounds. But still, you have to remember that, whenever you assemble as youth groups, for the arrangement of activities, a certain level is attained, in building yourselves on the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, on the Ekklesia. Because, during the Camping, your common consciousness is energized and enlightened intensely. That is why, you must always organize your assemblies, with the purpose to uplift the standards of your experience, as a living part of Ekklesia.

Shortly indeed, you will reach to a position where Christ the Lord speaks through you, through your activities. Always be vigilant of your attitude, so as to ascertain whether you really walk according to faith, that is to say, whether truly Christ Jesus is in you. 2 Cor 13:5. Perhaps, you will find weak yourselves.  But the Lord, as God’s power, will reinforce you in your endeavors. Because, the future must embrace you all, so as your activities to be sustainable. The difficulties you confront should be as exams to you, but not as barriers of the activities to uplift your standard. For you as Youth network, to be truly present in Uganda and elsewhere, you must stay firm and well informed of not only the physical reality around you but also of the social and spiritual reality from beyond you.

May the love and faith and hope bind you in all your activities for the glory of the Father and Son and the Holy Spirit.

+ Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga – Holy Metropolis of Kampala

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