Metropolitan Bartholomew of Kilkis on Mission Visit to Uganda

Metropolitan of Kilkis Received at St Nicholas Cathedral Namungoona, Uganda

His Eminence Metropolitan Bartholomew of Polyana and Kilkis in Greece arrived on Monday 1, 2024 at Entebbe International Airport ahead of his 10 days visit to Uganda.

He was welcomed with his entourage of 7, including his protosyngelos and Abbott of St NEKTARIOS monastery Archimandrite Epifanios, by Archbishop Jeronymos of Kampala, and clergy including Rev. Fr. Nicholas Bayego, the Cathedral Dean, and Fr. Muyingo Christopher.

Metropolitan of Kilkis Received at St Nicholas Cathedral Namungoona
Metropolitan of Kilkis at St Nicholas Cathedral Namungoona after Doxology

With his team, Metropolitan Bartholomew was received at St. Nicholas Cathedral by faithful present and proceeded with the Doxology in which the Metropolitan of Sozusa, Innocentios Byakatonda was present.

He was led on a guided tour around the institutions at the center including, Chwa II Memorial Collage, Namungoona Orthodox Primary School, Uganda Orthodox Church Mothers Union Center, and Holy Cross Orthodox Hospital, and later for lunch at the Metropolis Headquarters.

During his stay in the pearl of Africa, he is expected to visit different mission centers including, Kikwatambogo in Kiboga District where he will lay a foundation Stone for the new temple dedicated to St. Nektarios; St. Andrew, Nkonge in Mukono; Holy Apostles, Kyanuna where he will celebrate divine Liturgy and School opening; visit different monastic centers among others.

The Metropolitan of Kampala, Jeronymos Muzeeyi wished the team a pleasant and a hospital stay in Uganda.

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