Metropolitan of Burundi and Rwanda to celebrate Liturgy at St. Nicholas Cathedral on October 18, 2020.

In preparation to once again meet his flock in the Metropolis of Burundi and Rwanda, His Eminence Metropolitan Innocentios Byakatonda will lead the divine liturgy on this Sunday of the commemoration of Luke the Evangelist (October 18, 2020) at St. Nicholas Cathedral Namungoona.

It should be remembered that the Metropolitan has been held in Uganda for some good months after being locked down by the outbreak of the COVID19 Pandemic.

He greatly appreciates the love, Prayers, and support he has received during all the situations he went through while in Uganda and requests for our prayers always.

Note: The Holy liturgy on October 18, 2020, will be broadcasted live on the official Facebook Page of the Church for those that may not be part of the liturgy with respect to the SOPs set by the government against COVID19.

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