New Year’s Message from Bishop Silvester Kisitu of Gulu and Eastern Uganda

Beloved Brethren and Children in Christ,

As I extend to you my New Year wishes, I humbly thank our Lord, because towards the end period of this year I went through a difficult struggle with #Covid19 infection, but by His mercy, my life was spared, thanks for your Prayers too.

I urge you that as we reflect on the challenges and all trials of the past year 2020 which has undoubtedly been difficult, with the Covid 19 and all its effects, problems arising from the political pressures, from violence, hearings of injustices here and there, immorality, Spiritual indifference, Selfishness, etc, let’s thank our Lord Jesus Christ, for his Protection and let’s take with us the immense lessons we have got through all this situation, then in Hope, Repentance, Prayer, carefulness lets welcome and enter the New year, for Love, Peace and for the Glory of God to be depicted in our lives in all aspects. Let’s be careful, let’s be Prayerful, and let’s be Peaceful.

Wishing a Blessed New Salvational Year 2021 to you all. Amen

+Bishop Silvester Kisitu.

Holy Diocese of Gulu and Eastern Uganda

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