OCMC Mission Team in Uganda 2017

The Orthodox Christian Mission Center is a faith based body with a Mission to make disciples of all nations by bringing people to Christ and His Church.
On the 9th of June 2017, an Orthodox Mission Team of seven came into Uganda to support the mission work of the Church.  They helped with construction and a lot of outreach activities.  Their main objective being the construction of a 3 class room block for Bulera primary school at the St. Thomas Orthodox Church-Bulera.  The team worked tirelessly on the construction with the help of the local community and priests at the center, and by the end of the seven days, the building was on plastering (finishing) stage.

The team included 2 men and 5 girls who did a tremendous work of spreading love in Christ through actively participating with the Bulera community in the completion of the construction of the school structure and teaching them love in Christ. All members of the team were from the united states and included; Dean Franck (Team Leader), Bill Copadis, Nadia Duncan, Alexandra King, Sarah Timby, Adamandia Frantzis and Mariah Moody.

Their activities left a lot of impact on the kids, youth and the elderly at the different orthodox communities where they happened to reach and we thank God because their actions changed the spiritual perception of the people. “May God Abundantly Bless them and the entire OCMC team that helped in organizing this mission work”

Pictorial view of the team getting involved.

2 thoughts on “OCMC Mission Team in Uganda 2017”

  1. May the almighty God grant them with whatever they need in their lives, may he also bless them abundantly, in fact I am one of people who have been assisted. I extend my special thanks to:Dr Antonios of Greece, Fr Andonios Mutyaba of Uganda, not forgeting H. Eminence Bishop Yonah Lwanga of Uganda.

  2. Good work and cooperation between all. It was wonderful to see everyone’s participation from Uganda and USa.

    May the Holy Spirit, who unites us, bless the work that will be done in the school, the students, and all who participated in making it a reality!

    Fr. Martin Ritsi

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