Orthodox Mission of the Gulu Diocese in Karamoja Sub Region

His Grace Bishop Nektarios of Gulu with residents during the drilling of a borehole in the Karamoja region of Amudat

The Uganda Orthodox Church mission under the Holy Diocese of Gulu and Northern Uganda is registering success in the Karamoja sub-region in its initial stages as it labors to expand the orthodox faith in the region.

The maiden visit to Karamoja by the Orthodox Gulu Diocese

During last year 2023 in September, by the grace of God and support from our partners in spreading the gospel of our Lord and Orthodoxy in general in Uganda but specifically our Diocese, we embarked on a seemingly challenging mission to dare, to expand our reach in the semi-arid areas of the Karamoja region.

Our maiden visit was a true manifestation of the big and challenging task ahead of us. However, the anticipated challenges gave us more courage and zeal to think and plan how to bring Christ into the lives of our brothers in the region and improvise on ways to extend philanthropy in the area.

During the maiden visit of the Bishop to Karamoja in September 2023

Water and food relief to Karamoja region

Being a semi-arid area, On Thursday 30th April last week, His Grace Nektarios blessed and opened a new water facility (borehole) in the District of Amudat. This water project brought joy and happiness among the locals because water is one of their main problems. His grace carried along food relief for the few locals the Diocese could manage to support.

Group photo Bishop Nektarios of Gulu with faithful after blessing the new borehole in Karamoja

The successful process of drilling the water although initially challenged with identifying potential points with required water levels as well as very long distances of transporting the machinery from Gulu city to Karamoja was one you couldn’t wish to undertake. Nonetheless, we give glory to God for the courage and commitment that enabled us to bring joy to the lives of the Karamojong people.

The journey is just getting started and we encourage you to join us in our Mission. God bless you and keep us in your prayers.

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  1. Christ is Risen! I congratulate Despota Nectarios on this success. You are truely in our prayers to ensure that the Lord guides your in spreading the Gospel of Orthodoxy in Uganda.

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