Prior to His ascension, Christ promised to send the Holy Spirit to confirm His disciples’ faith. He was to be the comforter, counselor and divine protector. Christ referred the Holy Spirit as the “fountain of living water”, (John 7:37-39). What a positive ‘State of the Universe address’!
And, as He found the disciples in a ‘closed house’ then, the Holy Spirit this year once again descends unto us in a ‘global lockdown’. The dreadful March 18th day is vividly remembered by many, especially the less informed, akin to Christ’s crucifixion day. No motor-vehicle transport, no business, no most activities, no food relief for many vulnerable citizens, but STAY IN-DOOR. Is there hope? Certainly yes!
One feature that gives extra hope is the way the president has, in these COVID-19 times, indirectly highlighted the significance of our country’s motto “For God and my Country”. The way he quotes scriptures these days in each of his guidance and assurance of the nation has been reminiscent of the certain fulfillment of Jesus’ promise of the Holy Spirit. A politician of his rank choosing to seek solutions to our current tribulations from Holy scriptural law, the way he does these days, should inform society of something Divine. Anything is possible! And the descent of the Holy Spirit just days after His state of the Nation’s address, in which he laid down strategies to counter the effects of COVID-19, could not be timelier.
Granted, we may have many reservations or, even, disagreements with some of the government’s measures he suggested, but what is very essential now is to have hope. A living hope, irrigated by resilient faith, and this is what the Holy Spirit guarantees us today. People will speak in different tongues (approaches and proposals) but what is important is that, at the end of the day, all of us are able to “hear and comprehend” what they say (Acts 2:6). This will require that all measures taken are able to speak and address challenges and tribulations of all different stratums of our society. And , in this way, all of us will be filled with the Holy Spirit who will empower us to execute the “mission”, both spiritual and material, in our families, at national, even global levels, and according to God’s will.
May the life-creating Spirit guarantee us life, comfort the suffering heal the sick and give us energy to zealously defend our Salvation. Amen.
Hymn of the Day: O blessed are you, O Christ our God. Who by sending down the Holy Spirit upon them, made the fishermen wise and, through them, illumined the world. And to You, the universe was ever drawn. O glory to you, O lover of mankind.

Fr. Joseph Mutokya
Parish priest St. Luke Orthodox Church, Kabonge

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