PATRIARCH of Alexandria and All Africa THEODOROS B’, grieves over HAGIA SOFIA BEING TURNED INTO A MOSQUE by Turkey’s Erdogan.

Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa


“With great sadness and concern I was informed of the conversion of the most historic Christian monument in the East, the Hagia Sophia, into a mosque. This challenge comes to shake and blur even more the already turbulent waters from the Corona Virus pandemic. While at this time we must all work together and fight to fight against the invisible enemy of the pandemic, Turkey is coming to add another big thorn in the peaceful coexistence of peoples and religions.

While we in Egypt enjoy religious freedom and peaceful co-existence, while our President Mr. Sissy grants property titles to our Christian churches every day, while the political and state authorities of the country of the Nile (Egypt) allow us to freely operate our temples, to maintain them To renovate and beautify them, in Turkey we see religious and cultural rights being used for foreign purposes, and above all we see history being distorted and divisive in serving personal interests.

From St. Mark’s See, we pray that logic reigns and that God’s peace reign throughout the world”.

2 thoughts on “PATRIARCH of Alexandria and All Africa THEODOROS B’, grieves over HAGIA SOFIA BEING TURNED INTO A MOSQUE by Turkey’s Erdogan.”

  1. A sad day in the Christian history, Turkey’s is a ruthless Islamist thug who is desecrating the Holy cathedral with his aggression, 3000 plus Mosques are not enough for Erdogan, may the Lord God protect his houses of worship!

  2. Sad but look at how the hypocritical position of Theodoros in supporting Bartholomew has been laid bare. This is only possible because the church is weak and the church is weak because of the unprincipled actions of Bartholomew, which Theodoros supported. Now those who should our allies look away, just as the Greek and Turkish church looked away in supporting Ukraine. We are our own.worst enemy.

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