Election of Youth Leadership Council of St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral – Kampala, Namungoona.

On October 11, 2020, the Youth fraternity at St. Nicholas cathedral Namungoona was involved in the process of voting to elect a new Youth Council of leadership.

This resulted from the fact that the incumbent council which has been in leadership since 2015 had out-leaved it’s term of office which is scheduled for 4 years as stated in the constitution.

The voting process was conducted by Mr. Samson Muwonge a member of the parish council, witnessed and blessed by Rev. Fr. Nicholas Bayego the Cathedral Dean and parish priest of the St. Nicholas Parish.

The outgoing Youth council was represented by the Treasurer Mr. Sebanja Sparta and briefly described the current state of the council and urged the incoming council to devote themselves in service, be exeplary and ensure Youth participation in the church is uplifted more than it is now.

The mode of selection for eligibility to leadership was done basing on individual expression of interest and the contestants were voted by a show of hands.

The New Council comprise of the following;

  • Chairman (Kunsa Dimitrios)
  • Vice-Chairperson (Nsumba Maria)
  • Executive Secretary (Namiiro Despinah)
  • Treasurer (Magola Brian Makarios)
  • legal Adviser (Kasibante James)
  • Spiritual Affairs (Kabanda David)
  • Speaker (Lukyamuzi Emilianos)
  • Chief Mobilizer (Maria Najemba Lule)

On this Sunday of 25th October will be the official handover ceremony at St. Nicholas Cathedral Namungoona.
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ provide wisdom and ability to the new council to amicably lead their fellow youth.

The Voting Process in Pictorial

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