Stirianos orthodox church is located in Wakiso District, Busiro County, Namayumba subcounty, Ngondwe village, along Hoima road 29km from Kampala.It was started in 2004 as a simple Orthodox community after the Late Nabaggala Christina Cereda donated the land to the Orthodox Church. She donated 14 acres of land and an agreement of it provided to the church.
At the moment, Rev. Fr. Paul Kikulwe is the Parish priest of this area and on 26/2/2013 a foundation stone was laid by His Eminence Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga for the construction of ST. STIRIANOS ORTHODOX CHURCH and the Church is now under construction.
There are a lot of activities that are being carried on amidst a lot of challenges and these activities include the following.

  • Church under construction
  • Farming project
  • A primary school and boarding section on construction though still on foundation at the moment.
  • A big number of orphan children that are being provided educational assistance (Scholarships) by Rev. Fr. Paul Kikulwe through assistance – form good hearted and caring people though the work is still challenging and a lot of help is required.
  • Catechism class activities which are aimed at instilling the doctrine of Orthodoxy to the Christians in Ngondwe community and the neighborhood.

Apart from those on site projects, there are others intended projects that are in plan and these are aimed at setting up an environment suited for better service provision and management of ST. STIRIANOS ORTHODOX CHURCH community which include the following;

  • Secondary school which will help in providing educational services to those from the primary section in the area and mostly those that are under sponsorships from the church.
  • Catechetical school for both adults and the young. The Catechetical school is basically aimed at setting up a permanent structure where Christians can acquire full information about the doctrines of orthodoxy and the entire gospel of our lord.
  • A technical school. This school will help in providing technical knowledge to our children such as plumbing, carpentry, brick laying, tailoring and others hence making them able to earn a living after school.
  • Vicarage /priest house.
  • Orphanage home. Due to the fact that the number of Orphaned children due to a result of different calamities like the deadly HIV/AIDS is increasing, most of these kids are homeless and the cost of looking after them in different places is way too high, constructing a home for them is equally relevant.
  • A clinic (health center / dispensary).

Challenges at the center.
One of the major challenges on ground is that on the 14 acres of land, there is some piece of land that was invaded by squatters due to the fact that we had taken some time without doing any development. So there is a high problem of putting them off the land and the act of evicting them is under way though challenging.
Another challenge is the lack of funds to effect the listed projects and a lot of financial support is required. With that regard, we request all capable donors to help in providing financial support so that we have ST. STIRIANOS ORTHODOX CHURCH developed to its intended plan for the proper spreading of the gospel of our Lord and helping the people of the Ngondwe community.

Donate to the development this particular center.

Through bank;
Account Number: SV-1093000102;
ALPHA BANK Greece Account Number: GR9101409130913002101120087.
Contact Rev. Fr. PAUL KIKULWE.