A deeper insight into the COVID-19 Pandemic and our quest for Good or Evil – By Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga

Due to the outbreak of this contiguous COVID-19 pandemic and the continuous numerous death, quarantines, closure of places of worship and other situations occurring, His Eminence Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga elaborated the Corona Virus in connection to our relationship with our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

Whats Corona Virus?

CORONA: The word Corona is a Latin word to mean something round (CROWN)!

VIRUS: The word Virus is also derived from a Latin word VIS which literally means POWER!

Elaboration of the word VIS

  • Its power not from the Holy Spirit / A synthesis of something accidentally but not Principally

Note: The resultis a Protozoe (Protozoa); Combination of a being living not according to principles of life.

VIS -a- VIS: It will be an effort involving the relating of Power-against- Power – (VIS-a-VIS) so as to get the solution or Vaccine to neutralize / cure the Virus (COVID19).

  • God Himself never created accidental meeting of elements, He instead put principles upon which these elements have to meet for the good of mankind. Because of free-will (our behavior) that He gave to us, mankind has objected to His principles which has resulted into the many calamities that are present today.
  • We are not suffering because it’s the Will of God, no, (Gen: 1) it’s because of our objection to His principles under the illicit delusions of Satan our enemy.


All over the world, we are on test as human beings: “ON THE QUEST OF GOOD OR EVIL

COVID19 as unprincipled accidental being (protozoa) in our lifetime is falling among the evils, which are reproduced by our moral deterioration, especially on the Earth.


We quest not good (God) but only vices of Satan (as if he is the good). Most of us (human beings) in the world, cheat each other or tell lies systematically. John 8:44. We are wicked!


Moral good: willing, acting in accord to God’s will as the WORD (Jn 1:1) does.

Moral evil: willing, acting in opposition to God’s will as Satan does.

Physical good: original creatures of God, Gn 1.

Physical evil: distorted situation against the principles.

Biblical quotes to deeply understand the entire situation ( Gn 2: 9; 3: 3 – 22. Ezekiel 47:12. Rev 2:7; 22: 2, 14 )

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