The Holy Belt Of The Theotokos

“The Holy Belt has the unique grace to cure women’s sterility as well as cancer patients, with a Ribbon that has firstly been blessed on the Belt and is subsequently worn by the sterile women and patients. “

Tropar -Dismissal Hymn- of the Mother of God.Plagal of the Fourth Tone

O EVER-VIRGIN Theotokos, shelter of mankind, thou hast bestowed upon thy people a mighty investure, even thine immaculate body’s raiment and sash, which by thy seedless childbirth have remained incorrupt; for in thee nature and time are made new.  Wherefore, we implore thee to grant peace to the world, and great mercy to our souls.

Kontakion of the Mother of God (Second Tone)   

THY precious sash, O Theotokos, which encompassed thy God-receiving womb, is an invincible force for thy flock, and an unfailing treasury of every good, O only Ever-virgin Mother. **

The Holy Belt maintains unaltered the grace of the Most Holy Theotokos, because it became connected with her person and her life and because saints are spirit carriers during not their life, but also after their death.  The same phenomenon is mentioned in the Holy Scriptures when objects that the Prophet Elias and the holy Apostles wore actually performed miracles, because they had the grace of the saints. For this reason the Church attributes it honorary worship, as it does to the Holy Wood of the Cross of the Lord.

Note: We have a few copies of the Ribbons which were blessed on the Belt at the Orthodox Headquarters in Namungoona which were brought by one Ugandan Orthodox Christian who managed to visit the Holy Mountain Athos and came back with these miraculous Ribbons.

Follow the link below for more information about the THE MOST VENERABLE and full of grace Belt of our Blessed Virgin Mary .

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  1. Glory to God for all things!
    Yesterday after a biopsy the pulmonologist says my mother, Marie, has probable small cell lung cancer. Doctor says she will need chemotherapy. My brother and I believe chemo would be devastating to her…
    The link was no longer available. could you please help us get a ribbon so she may be healed? Thank you so very much!
    Through the prayers of the Theotokos,

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