Any searching soul for the true Faith

In reaction to the numerous correspondences in relation to the true faith and desire to join orthodoxy through the various communication platforms of Uganda Orthodox Church, His Eminence Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga of Kampala and All Uganda shared his general perception to be put in consideration for “Any searching Souls for the True Faith”

Faith (Ekklesia, Kingdom of God) has become a delicate matter in Uganda today. Because, contemporary Christians in Uganda do not at all study history of the original Ekklesia of Christ Jesus, except the Bibles (which are published outside of the Ekklesia).

Certainly, there exist some souls all over the world, who live while searching for the truthfulness of their faith. Such human souls are registered and recognized as Orthodox faithfuls, although continue staying in the midst of aberrant environments. Most of these souls live today in the USA and UK, but also in many places of Africa.

The journey usually begins with simple questions;

  1. What is Mystery (not sacrament!)?
  2. What is baptism (not sprinkle!)? Col 2:12. Mt 3:11.
  3. What is “Catholicity”, “Apostolicity”, “Oneness”, “Holiness” of the Ekklesia?

All this in relationship with the world, human beings, society, as creation of God for a divine purpose.

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